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We promise radiant, detoxified skin. Our mission is to change the world of cosmetics. Thanks to our plant innovations and technology, we have invented Clean Beauty: a new generation of natural, green, high performance and sensorial cosmetics without petrochemicals, without toxins, combined with innovative mobile apps that offer unique services for beauty and health. We have already won more than 35 awards for our innovations. Discover how we naturally enhance women’s skin.
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Want a detoxified beauty routine that really works and protects your health? We develop unique beauty and health solutions for you to have an amazing skin, all this with honesty and transparency.


Thanks to our app, CLEAN BEAUTY, cosmetics will finally reveal themselves to you: you can now decrypt your products and identify any controversial ingredients, as well as allergens, by taking a picture of the list of components.


Our amazing award-winning products reveal your true beauty by preserving your health. They are absolutely the bomb, an extrasensory experience, and they are the result of R&D hard work and compromise in our laboratory.

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OFFICINEA is committed to a new world
of cosmetics and has created the CLEAN BEAUTY
mobile app, the first app that decrypts ingredients
used in all cosmetic products.
Free download available for IOS and ANDROID
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Discover what
really is in
your cosmetics
Dynamic analysis
Clean Beauty
Thanks to a photo of the list of ingredients, discover if your cosmetic products contain controversial ingredients, including endocrine disruptors.
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