Our mission


Everything started with Claire and the least we can say is that she is a pioneer. She became interested in cosmetics while at studying pharmacy in university at the end of the 80s when she noticed something frightful: although a woman thinks she is taking care of herself, she applies 150 ingredients of petrochemical origin on her face every day, including a large number of undesirable elements.
It didn’t take anything else to convince her that one day she would invent a new generation of ultra-performance skincare products without petrochemicals.

After obtaining her PharmD, she followed her idea to the point where she specialised in cosmetics while already working in the pharmaceutical industry.

However, she wasn’t satisfied with that and decided a few years later to obtain her professional certificate in cosmetology as a beautician. Doctor in pharmacy, cosmetologist and beautician, Claire is an amazing scientist who is incredibly enthusiastic. She is on a complete quest for the perfect skincare product, without compromise.


Candice is an extremely energetic entrepreneur. The first part of her professional life led her to a pre-planned career in large international groups during the 90s. But life is always more imaginative than we are, and it took her to Russia in the early 2000s where she settled with her family. While there, she had an idea: she founded her very first business on a market that was quite a roller coaster.

She met Claire when she came back to France. She arrived at the meeting with a lot of questions about the reality of the cosmetic world. Claire was quick to convince her that there was another way of doing things and that together they could start a great scientific and human adventure.

Candice challenged her: to develop an ultra-rich but ultra-clean cream for her skin that had suffered from Russia’s cold climate and invasive medical skin treatments. The results were spectacular. They started the adventure of their lives; the great OFFICINEA adventure was in progress.


Our mission is to change the world of cosmetics through science and the invention of a new generation of ultra-performance skincare products without toxicity and without compromise. We are committed to the quest for perfect skincare products. We have put our hearts and passion into the endeavor.


Our skincare products are 100 % developed and manufactured in France, contain no ingredients derived from heavy chemistry or petrochemicals, no insecticides, fertilizers or lead. Derived from plants instead of petrol, they are free from all bio-accumulative (that collect in tissues without being evacuated), persistent (that are not biodegradable) or toxic synthetic substances. They only contain the most noble, totally traceable raw materials.


OFFICINEA is an authentic, very committed scientific laboratory. Our main priorities are the respect for human health and the quest for performance and sensoriality. We have strong and steadfast convictions.

We believe that women should never compromise their health for beauty.

We believe that skin beauty and health are inseparable.

We believe that ingredients of synthetic, petrochemical origin, which are generally used in the cosmetic industry, are outdated and have little to do with skin and its needs. Some of them are potentially harmful to human health.

We believe in science, in the green revolution.


OFFICINEA is not like other laboratories.
We are a scientific and human adventure.


Our promise is clear: to offer you the most beautiful skin without compromising your health. We continue our quest on a daily basis searching for perfect skincare without any compromise: ultra-performance, innovative, refined, without any ingredients of petrochemical or synthetic origin.


Science is written in our DNA. Our in-house team of pluri-disciplinary researchers (doctor in pharmacy, doctor in natural chemical products, chemist…) is supported by a team of university experts. We also have strategic partnerships with the best colleges for developing innovative patents.


Since our foundation, we have received over 35 awards. With an average of 80 % ingredients, our skincare products are acclaimed by the press and experts. Today we are the only cosmetic brand with all skincare products ranking 1st place in their category in the Guide des Meilleurs Cosmétiques 2015-2016 (Guide to the Best Cosmetics 2015-2016), ahead of all of the big names in beauty.


OFFICINEA is the first online green beauty lab. We boost your beauty experience thanks to mobile applications offering you innovative services when it comes to beauty and health. Transparency is at the heart of our approach. Our first beauty app, CLEAN BEAUTY, which identifies any controversial ingredients in your cosmetics with just a picture, has already conquered 100,000 people in France.