Foaming tonic make-up remover and cleanser

Foaming tonic make-up remover and cleanser


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Acclaimed by the Guide des Meilleurs cosmétiques, the Foaming Tonic make-up remover is genuine treatment water, the delicate combination of Hamamelis Flower Water and Chamomile Flower Water. . It is fragrance-free and cleanses the face, removing make-up and impurities without leaving an oily film.

N°1 cleansing lotion ranked by the Guide des Meilleurs Cosmétiques 2016 - Allergen-free - CLEAN BEAUTY guarantee without endocrine disruptors - 150 ml

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Foaming Tonic gently cleanses and removes make-up and impurities from the face, neck, lips and eyes, thanks to a precious, gentle formula. Alcohol-free and without harsh surfactants, it does not sting the eyes. Very pleasant to use, it is non-filmogenic, non-comedogenic and does not leave an oily film.

Foaming Tonic prepares the skin for application of the Moisturising and Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream. Colorant-free, fragrance-free, alcohol-free and allergen-free, it is recommended for all skin types and is particularly suited to the most fragile skin and eyes.

Hamamelis Flower Water refreshes the skin and tightens pores. It is recommended for sensitive skin that is prone to redness (couperose); it reduces redness and gently soothes delicate skin. It is also an astringent and is recommended to help regulate combination and oily skin. The Chamomile Flower Water calms, softens and soothes inflammation of the eyelids and reduces dark circles.


We decrypt our formula for you:

Aqua: water.

Hamamelis virginiana leaf water*: hamamelis flower water. It is recommended for sensitive skin prone to redness (couperose). By toning small, superficial blood vessels, it reduces redness and gently soothes delicate skin. It is also an astringent and is recommended to help regulate combination and oily skin.

Glycerin**: ingredient that is a natural humectant, moisturiser and softener, thanks to its high capacity to draw in and store water molecules in skin cells.

Anthemis nobilis flower extract in glycerin*: chamomile flower extract recognized for its regenerating and toning properties. It purifies and restores balance to the skin. It soothes irritations and sensations of tightness while reducing redness.

Decyl glucoside: very gentle cleansing base, derived from plant sugars.

Capryloyl glycine: very gentle purifying ingredient of plant origin with anti-microbial, antioxidant and anti-free radical properties.

Citric acid: natural acid present in lemons used to adjust pH.

Sodium hydroxide: buffer ingredient that helps adjust the pH in skincare products to reduce acidity.

Sodium benzoate: found in a natural state in certain fruits. Used as an anti-microbial preservative in green cosmetics.

Potassium sorbate: a derivate of Sorbic Acid and present in a natural state in rowan trees. One of the rare anti-microbial preservatives authorized in green products.

*Derived from Organic Agriculture
**Transformed using organic ingredients

Use Foaming Tonic in the morning and evening. Soak a cotton pad and gently massage using small circles from the lower to the top of the face, lathering the Foaming Tonic to remove impurities and make-up. After rinsing and gently drying with a towel or clean cotton pad, the skin remains fresh and perfectly cleansed.

Selected best cleansing lotion for normal skin by the Guide des Meilleurs Cosmétiques 2015-2016.

Mark awarded by experts: 17.55/20


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